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The Cyber Policy Think Tank

initiative is aiming to strengthen independent policy research institutions in developing countries, and enable them to better provide sound research that informs and influences cyber policy. Networked Economies at IDRC invites independent policy research institutions in the global South to submit Expressions of Interest that identify long-term strategies to:
  • Develop their own robust cyber policy research agenda that includes rights, security and innovation;
  • Produce credible and legitimate research that convenes different perspectives on critical cyber policy issues;
  • Increase their ability to inform and influence policy development; and,
  • Improve key aspects of their organizational performance and institutional capacity.
Up to five institutions will receive support as a result of this call.
Expression of interest
The Expression of Interest should be submitted online. Applicants will be requested to answer several questions, and, in general, the review panel will be looking for:
  • A description of the organization, its vision and mission, its commitment to expand its research portfolio and engage broader perspectives on cyber policy issues, and its commitment to undertake organizational improvements;
  • A brief description of current research areas, significant achievements and future research agenda;
  • A description of current and future partners, stakeholders and users of their research;
An overview of how the institution anticipates making use of support (e.g. the kinds of improvements to be introduced, including research areas it would like to extend and improve).

For more information about the program, please visit:
Please complete and submit the online application on this site. 
Questions? Please refer to the call document and FAQ section available on our website, then contact